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Dear Sangha, dear friends and sponsors,

currently we have 3 projects for which we ask you for financial support!

We wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Horst Rauprich, 1st Chairman of the Karma Kagyü Community Germany e.V.

Project 1: Translation Fund

Bridging the gap between the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom tradition and its roots in the West is the great task that the Kamalashila Institute has set itself in the German-speaking world. It is essential for the teaching and a deeper understanding of the teachings and exercises that the Tibetan texts are available in the German language.

„In order for the Dharma to take root completely in any language or culture, there is initially a need for accurate translations, … The personal transmission (from the realized master to the disciple) … is, however, the heart of living Buddhist teachings.“  Dzogchen Pönlop Rinpoche 1992

Both the written translation and, above all, the interpretation of the lectures and teachings of the masters and teachers are not possible without qualified translators. Our great masters would be so to speak speechless without these translators. Therefore, the Karma Kagyu Community Germany e.V. would like to create a fund for the financing of the translators of the association, for their training and further education and for translation projects as well as their publication.

We ask the large circle of our members, interested parties, sponsors, friends and the numerous practitioners of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions to participate in this project with regular donations. If each of you would donate 10 € per month, we could systematically promote translating and train translators. But also individual donations help us further. Join us!

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Project 2: Multisite appearance of the centres

The degree of recognition of the centers and the recognizability of their membership in the Karma Kagyu Community Germany are usually low. Who e.g. in Hamburg knows the TTC? The reason: The possibilities of the centres in the IT sector are limited in terms of finances, personnel and knowledge. Our common goal is to improve this situation through a multi-site that is centrally hosted, maintained and further developed on a server. Effort and costs for support and service would be minimized for the centres, a uniform „frame design“ makes the togetherness visible without taking the centres‘ own profile, the modern web presence makes them more attractive, offers improved organisational possibilities for announcements and information and would facilitate networking of the sangha. And much more.

The construction of an individual website on the basis of the multisite would cost 1.000 € once. However, most centres cannot afford this. We would like to make this possible for the centres through donations. We need 9.000 €. Please support this project.

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INTERCONNECTED – Embracing Life in our Global Society

It is of particular concern to us that Karmapa’s most recently published book INTERCONNECTED be published in a German version. We want to make his book accessible to a broad public, so that it can serve many people as guidance and orientation in the necessary process of change of our present time.

For this important project we need a total of 8.000 € (for translation and printing). We ask for support with donations.

As a thank-you to all donors we will be raffling five copies of his book Karmapa – the new star of Tibet signed by Stephan Kulle.

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